Welcome To I Deserve Beauty

Being a beautiful person goes beyond the outside appearance.

It starts from the inside and radiates out.
If only you could have seen me in my little girl years all the way to age 19!

You wouldn’t even recognize me. In fact you may have even made fun of me and called me “ugly” but the amazing thing was my inner light was always shining bright. People have always been magnetized to me because of my happy playful spirit.

So Beauty does start inside. The prettier your heart is—

the prettier your face and skin will be.

I am now an Author, Model, Life Coach, Foodie, Fashionista, Miracle Manifestor, and Makeup Lover. Over 3 years ago when I was desperate after looking inside my medicine cabinet and my makeup drawer and not having very many beauty & makeup items because I just couldn’t afford it. So I decided to grab a Glamour Fashion Magazine and flipped through the magazine and I dreamed out loud. It’s also called “manifesting” which I Am  pretty darn good at! I decided to call it in and to claim whatever I saw on those pages as mine.

I’ve done this many times with trips, cars, all sorts of things but, back then it was the very first time I’ve ever done this (Manifested) for makeup. In fact, I invite you to read my book on My Own Personal Manifested Miracles

Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected Daydreaming With God

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do when times are tough and after being down to my last crumbly eyeshadow palette and my last lipstick. In fact, I was digging out the remains of it with a Q-tip when poof everything changed!

I stared at the pages inside that Glamour Magazine with intent! The next part you may not believe but if you knew me personally you would just laugh and say,

“That’s Alena she and she always does the most extraordinary things!”
I turned the pages of my Glamour magazine and there was an ad for Aveda Shampoo, an ad for  Dr. Perricone, then Dermalogica,  one for Smashbox,… and I just made a wish.

And yes, my wishes are like prayers and I just said out loud humbly but with all the faith in the world expressing how much I would love to have each item I saw as I pointed to the ads in the magazine. Then I let it go and then I turned the page.

What happened next was beyond amazing!  In fact it’s in the book I wrote,

Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected Day Dreaming With God, Alena Naron

Within a very short time of me placing my order, praying in my request one day  I returned home from work went down the hall to my apartment and in front of my door there was a box unsealed, no return address, … Just a box! OH HAPPY DAY! Inside were over $1,000 worth of brand new makeup. The funny thing was I only had one friend in the building  and I told no one about my playful manifesting that evening for makeup. I did not have an ex-boyfriend that would spend such cash for these items that would have possibly been the deliverer. I went door-to-door knocking and asking my neighbors if they were waiting on a package since there was no note left Inside the Box. To my surprise no one said it was theirs. I remember calling my girlfriend downstairs and again it couldn’t be her because she was like myself at that time – low on funds and had very little cha-ching to spend on fanciful things. When she entered my studio her eyes grew WIDE because on my bed I had dumped the Box and there covering my bed where the most amazing Beauty items — Dior, Calvin Klein, Versace, Clinique, Chanel, the Aveda, the Smashbox, the Dr. Perricone.

From perfumes to lotions and potions – I had tears in my eyes because I felt like Cinderella. It was “as if”  My Beauty Godmother had granted My Wish but in reality it’s always God that grants the wish. I remember calling my mom and my dad and they were in awe of My Story. My father playfully laughed and said, “My Dear, It’s amazing how God just drop ships makeup from heaven once you make your request.”

So I know you’re probably asking why did I start I Deserve Beauty?

There are many women out there that lust and long to have luxurious makeup, lotions, potions, perfumes, to make them feel & look even more Beautiful.

I was once like you dreaming of the day I could use that Miracle Makeup that I had seen in the magazines or seen on tv but like you not enough EXTRA $$$ to spoil yourself on such luxuries. I’ve been there and if you only knew me you would understand if I had the magic wand of the universe I would make all these beautiful things accessible to all.

As I smile 🙂 from ear-to-ear – Guess what that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Making these beautiful things- makeup, eyeshadows, liners, perfumes, moisturizers, lipsticks, lotions, scrubs, … which you see in the Sephora and Ulta stores & catalogs and online and in the department stores available to all.

Quantities are limited*** Baby so if you see it-  You Better Buy It 😉

So You don’t have to be a rich girl to have the beauty and makeup you deserve & desire. WELCOME TO I DESERVE BEAUTY.


I Deserve Beauty

       Remember You Are Beautiful and You Deserve the Very Best
God Bless you and Happy Shopping




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Life Coaching & Wellness



Alena Naron


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